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Simplify your installation by using our unique modern hardware ready to create memorable space

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Our Capabilities

Our goal is to help designers, hospitality industry, project managers and home owners to create divine interior spaces while using natural elements, green, LEED accredited and nontoxic materials. Our goal is to bring the world to your foot step continuing to introduce new materials with low impact to our environment. We follow triple bottom line rule focusing on a world, people and planet first and then company profit. This will result us to be a profitable company that tries to choose products which helps the world. We try to use products that lower carbon footprint and waste generation.


Global Trends Produt Help Your Project Gain Leed And Other Greenbuilding Credits.
Reclaimed Wood From Decontructed Buildings Transform To Wooden Tiles Ideal For Wall Covering,
Signage, Hospitality, Commercial Wall And Residential Design.

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We believe in being responsible for our products through their entire lifecycle, with a diligent
focus on the balance of people, planet, and profit.

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About Our Brands

Glboal trends is introducing a wide range of wall covering from recycled plastic to 3D wood tiles. all materials are all hand made and mostly designed by the global trends tea min asia inclduding our rustic wood tiles and panels. These 3d wall tiles and panels are created using rustic and recycled wood coconut from Asia, inspired by many mill and barn conversions taking across the world. Global trends works with key manufacturers using highest quality material producing unique, contemporary, and trendy material which follow building. These desings are contemporary, modern, and unique with an affordable price tag.

Our Resin is more than a simple plastic or glass product with Endless potential for creativity. Our PETG material is durable, bendable, fire and heat retardant.


Metallic finishes are perfect way to give projects elegance, uniueness with great durability. Metallic tones are custom ordered according to the specifications.


Camura wood is a recycled ancient wood with the texture of rubber wood, but with a rustic and rough surface. This wood specie is aged and recycled from old furniture.


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